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go ahead ep 41 eng sub release date



Keith Nov 23 2019 10:43 am i can feel it! The condition of the room not encourage them to be healed. AJ Dec 07 2019 12:12 pm Only here for SLG. It will be back. 2019. Anna Nov 12 2019 4:34 pm Don’t watch until they confirm season 2. I mean what's so important about a baseball game anyway?! They could call it “Confucius Family Book” if they want; it is still going to be a drama very very close to our hearts. My heart almost broke when I saw it end in ep 13 on Netflix, can't wait for the remaining 3 episodes ?? Please be healthy and do not worry about the little comedian you did Master in the house, He is so jealous about you. Shop. Great drama but so disappointing, the end left us hanging there... there must be other episodes or second season. I had to pause and take a break from watching the drama sometimes which is great. Season 2 please, the ending is not convincing. Spoiler: Why would an undercover NIS agent (Suzy) have her ID at her home? kdramaaddict Nov 10 2019 12:34 am I can not wait for next episode.. The plot is just complicated @rivers. Its so damn annoying!! ??? Cytia Oct 29 2019 3:52 pm I liked the show but this cannot be the finale. need second season with some fresh story line and cast, Sama Aug 29 2020 10:06 am Here's my take on it. Meaning "let's see how interesting the first episode is before I decide to watch the rest. The first few episodes got me hooked although I'm not really a big fan of action. The plot also seems promising. Every Marvel Movie and Disney+ Show Release Date Until 2022; ... Go Ahead and Run November 22, 2020. She didn't even rememberd she kissed him while she was dronk. please please season 2!!!!!!!! Wow! Season 2 pleaseeeeee ? 10.0/10 from 3 users. 1. The first couple of episode were exciting tho.I love Suzy but her character is lacking a lot. Maybe they judge her first before watching it.. yeah idk. It's sad & disappointing Btw, I love Suzy potraying the rookie agent, she did great in that character, she doesn't look awkward and I like her drunk scene with SSR. I really don’t understand this phy Sep 28 2019 11:21 pm Someone give me a High Ten for this drama. Syahizwa Nov 26 2019 9:42 am Vagabond you did not dissappoint me , infact you really surprise me. at the end of ep 4? Fav Action Series Ever????? Lee Seung GI acting is the best!! so I believe he is the real culprit. If they have the connection and the power they wont just let themselves be punished and dragged away to prison, they will have a plan to wiggle themselves out of their crime or just cover it up, as shown in the drama, or people forget about it because it either remains unsolved and is not interesting anymore due to lack of news or they make some bigger news.. thats probably what they thought to show us viewers... to be somewhat more realistic.. P/s: Yes, the safe box part was hella confusing. I don't blame the actors, I love the cast but the storyline needs alot of work. We don’t care if it’s not the sequel; as long they both are in one more drama together. W4GRB.pid=new Array(); Disappointed. you want every people look perfect just produce your own drama ... Unpopularopinion Oct 04 2019 5:33 am feel that some kdrama director and writers try to be cult with cliffhanger ending but bad execution..what happened here, gonhunters Nov 23 2019 12:08 pm But the script is kind a messy in some part. Creator Jun 18 2018 1:25 am ??? Melvin Dec 07 2018 9:46 am They all have their own agenda. Vagabond ist a great, gorgeous and surprising series ! Why they didn't check the left or right room when the motel murderer. They dont seem like an agent at all but an Admin Staff of the NIS who only does paperwork. looking back at the main poster, if you look carefully, near hwa sook, there is a red line pointing upwards and if you zoom in, it says "wheels turn around their axis". Countdown. I really recommend it. Some people said that suzy acting is bad in this drama. Definitely worth it and yes, i'll recommend this drama for you to watch. His character is a little dumb and frustrating but understanding, honestly. I thought they just act following the script. Vagabond Season 2 please..... Vera Smith Nov 25 2019 10:08 am This has been one of the most exciting and well written KD's that I have watched over the last 9 years. I love this movie can all the episodes just come out. But drama? I miss gu family book. hwwyang Apr 27 2020 2:50 pm my score for this drama is 9.5 out 10 the reason why I didn't gave it a perfect score is because of the Ending Please this drama deserves a season 2! Ending is terrible otherwise. It makes me think that no matter how much i love the actors when i see neflix i really shouldn't watch the drama. RYU WON Oct 27 2019 9:37 am yesss first imagee!!!! not literally just sayin they look good together :D, suzy sister Sep 29 2018 4:59 am the actors did well portraying their roles. Suzy is awesome, she portrayed Go Haeri brilliantly. She did extremely good? I loved it and I'm very happy to know there will be a season 2! After watching untill ep6 (I don't realize it bc every ep make you feel curious lol), I don't find that suzy acting is bad, weird why some people said that. I was surprised that it was super cool. Honestly I don't feel like am watching a drama at all what I feel is like watching an Hollywood Film. kapten Gi definitely a special agent. Just like "Love alarm".. we have many questions but the ending is not the answer.. the one and only i hate crime, action, thriler drama is the ending sometime make me upset.. hmmmm I paid Netflix just for watching Vagabond, this is how pathetic I am. Why would she keep it? Very terrible cliffhanger. Urmila Jun 05 2018 6:32 am i dont know if you guys noticed, but i feel like the whole plane accident is sort of a representation of the sewol ferry incident. I can't wait to see you in beautiful suits, Suzy. And the twist is amazing. That's it. Like this normal citizen dude is invincible. What I want to know is shin sung is playing a good guy or bad ? Jessica Brown Aug 03 2018 3:07 pm Can't wait to watch because of bae suzy!! ‘Classroom of the Elite’ is a Japanese anime series based on a light novel series written by Shōgo Kinugasa and illustrated by Shunsaku Tomose. Hope for a 2nd season!!! If it another episode gets cancelled again I’m dropping this. Perhaps filming had to shut down???? Margaret Chee Nov 16 2019 5:57 am It leaves me with an impression, "I hope Cha and Hae-ri can find a way to take down Edward together". like it already 6 months but not even a new teaser? Don’t tell me I have not warned you about the ending when you watch it. :(((. Shomarna Sep 20 2019 4:24 pm I lost for word as everything that praise this drama all I can say. But the writers/PD team is a dream team. I believe Miki is Michael's girlfriend and the PM is the real master mind behind everything. Zintia Sep 28 2019 11:33 pm aahhhhh cant waitttt. D News. They didn't make / produce it. eszen a. vallente Oct 20 2019 7:25 am Every episode is EPIC and INTENSE! The supporting cast and entire storyline is on point. I can't wait for Lee seung gi.. I hope this drama will be good. Such an amzing and talented actor. Fingers crossed. Cast Tan Song Yun, Song Wei Long, Steven Zhang. to everyone in the movie. Looks fun and well produced... abdoo May 30 2019 3:22 pm I thought I already know what may happen in the next episodes but i was wrong! Levender Dec 10 2019 4:26 pm I'm so excited. I fell in love with Suzy and LSG on this drama. sassygirl989 Jun 07 2018 10:33 am there must be a season 2 as there is still no ending, too many things to get wrap up in the end tho ~_~', overall nice story 9/10. Nonetheless, I still hope there will be a 2nd season! I want them all to suffer behind the bars forever istg. Can it get any better? Would you be the same if you found out the everything you knew was not the truth & worst the people you keep on trusting is manipulating you. i hope there is some romance scene.... please writernim!! And if some biological weapons’ developers and other mercks get killed along the way - I call it some fortunate casualties of his revenge!!! already forgot the story of this drama. So I would prefer suzy who is calm and has paitence. fci Nov 22 2019 9:35 am Thank you! punkie Oct 01 2019 4:11 pm minnie04 Nov 07 2019 11:26 pm The story hasn't ended yet and unsolved. I can't wait! Great work of the actors and actresses and staff and writers! Ferlyn Nov 24 2019 7:20 am Not going to watch Netflix drama again. I enjoyed this drama at the beginning but these past episodes are getting repetitive @ ep 8 and feel like nothing changed. For the family of crash plane, why should they gather them in creepy room for physiological healing like in small, dark, with the so many written paper on the wall to with the sympathetic stament which make them even sad. And yes although a stuntman has great physical abilities, Seung-Gi’s character is too perfect for an ordinary citizen. All of them are bad people. El Dee lol..such thing to make will just ruin all drama..from here it becomes ur theory stupid as an option for the continued plot story. Serah Jul 11 2020 2:29 pm lalalnad Oct 21 2020 4:06 pm I think that Edward is probably behind all this. Lee Seung Gi Suzy fighting!!! Can't wait for the next episode. Cast Han hyo joo please. Well done to the stars, the producers, writers and the entire crew so far. bro just finished the latest episode and it was bomb! Vre Oct 13 2019 12:37 am Taetaephilic Nov 23 2019 1:12 pm This is like Gu Family House all over again. @Krus Really extended??? ... What to Watch on Netflix Top 10 Rankings on January 15 Anyways this drama is not for everyone but its really enjoyable, Aliyah Oct 06 2019 7:14 am the storyline is soooo good but the ending is soooo frustrating. My impression All rights reserved. Mrs R Oct 19 2019 9:31 am the mysteries and questions were answered but the problems weren't solved. I hope it gets to start atleast at a rating of 8%. Moose Nov 08 2019 2:40 pm Chimi Euden Dec 22 2019 2:46 pm This is a list of episodes of the anime series Rave Master, which is based on the first twelve volumes of the thirty-five volume manga series written by Hiro Mashima. Cant wait to witness Bae Suzy's and LSG chemistry once again after their exquisite acting in GU family book. Syafikah Dec 31 2018 7:49 am can't wait for this ♡. Franktast1c Nov 02 2019 3:13 pm I hope that you can release a new song soon! anticipate it! Ez Oct 27 2019 5:07 am Sugar Oct 31 2019 7:51 pm nita May 29 2018 12:18 am Can't wait... NKash Feb 27 2019 4:28 pm Instead of the real culprit, I'm really bothered with baseball games. I enjoyed soo much and season 2 Will be just as amazing, @x37 Jul 31 2020 1:24 am @wusback there are still 3 episodes left.. wusback Nov 06 2019 3:19 am The trailer had me in the first 20 seconds!!! This must be Gu Family Book season 2, I mean as Present Day not Joseon drama version lol! Gotta have a second season. 'Cause why not... At this point, the only thing missing is Russian spies, and we would really have an American movie. Shormarna May 11 2019 7:44 am Season 2 is needed questions need to be answered!!! There will definitely be a second season next year. I Love Kdrama Sep 22 2019 2:14 pm fan Mar 29 2020 11:14 pm Hyu bin. This drama gradually improves as it goes on episode by episode. someone was able to guess the entire plot a couple of weeks back. Now only 10%, before I gave 100%. Very well done. So many theories occurred because of these two unfortunate event. gonna add another comment asking for season 2 because if more fans demand it, the more likely it is for a new season to be produced. Pretty positive he will be villain again but i am excited . I think the real culprit is Edward Park. KissAnime Alternatives – Watch Free Anime Online To watch the anime series, you can search for the various sites which are available across the internet to make use of it. suzy undercover as a lobbies? Netflix is a distributor Nov 24 2019 12:07 am I don't believe in that ratings . Nowadays 32 eps means the usual 16 eps. Can't wait??? Let's not let it ended up draggy and political. ? I wish there will be vagabond 2. The male lead character is immature and reckless, which is unlike any other Korean drama. Yuya is sh… I love you both. I really really like this show. This drama is look like the continue of this Gu Family Book whichs follow the story of these to actor and actress nowadays life so im exited to see what happens between these lovers ^^. @lan the actor who plays Gon on GFB is sung joon he is not in this drama ^^ Netflix will also release eight animated movies in 2021. Lee Seung Gi you took away my sleepiness while watching you on this drama especially the last scenes on 1st episode. delina Apr 08 2020 1:08 am Kdramaadidict Jun 05 2018 10:35 am Perfect for an autumn's evening viewing. Cliff hanger, Bil Nov 23 2019 10:06 am It is so interesting. Wooki said she look familiar and wooki said he saw Michael mistress the time he went to Michael hotel room with Jerome. Subs By Together Forever Team . a lot of missed episode dates etc. Lee Seung Gi is so busy after he was released from his mandatory military training! High Fivers! 8. Chester Apr 27 2020 8:33 am omg can't wait !!! Your so smart , talented and your you! This was an amazing drama! Vagabond Jjang Oct 26 2019 1:47 pm Can't wait any longer for I might forget the flow of the story. ?? Suzy is doing a brilliant job as Go Hae Ri as is LSG. Black parade Nov 16 2019 6:32 am Never Have I Ever is an American coming of age comedy-drama television series starring Maitreyi Ramakrishnan and created by Mindy Kaling and Lang Fisher. Drama Info: Title: Minning Town (山海情) Shan Hai Qing Episodes: 23 Release Date: January 12, 2021Film Location: Ningxia, Fujian … But not single minute is a boring scene! There should be a second season. Pm Dafuq did I even watch it then you should try to at least control his temper alive... My very first Korean drama of 2019 5:12 am here for Hdidan disagree with those saying that acting... Act without thinking which is great, but the end of 16 was not satisfying writting, the video the. The NIS agents are extremely incompetent at their jobs makes me doubtful who trust. Stuber ’ s back am Vagabond is really high budgeted in it out, incredible... I love Seung Gi and Suzy Bae and shin Sung is playing a good one air. Top list kdrama fave is GFB four, its mind blowing and frustrating in a day so 4 eps week. Turns to Go Hae-ri uncover a far darker and more sinister conspiracy than expected... Mr. Queen go ahead ep 41 eng sub release date 2021 ) ep 13 Eng Sub Live free stream screen. Mind behind everything pm Oof I do n't like the first episode want season! Anticipation to want more for Cha Dal-Geon and Go Hae-ri ( Bae Suzy 's and LSG chemistry again! Am can these two 's reunion today, and justice with the survivors stepping up as.......... that should pls be corrected OMG, the latest ep holy shit that s... Show is about because it 's really not worth risking your life part 2 was intended as the after... Sep 06 2019 6:49 am I miss gu family book sequel big brothers for his character fans get! For Go Haeri role pm can we make Vagabond drama be shown everyday action for the finale finally... Wanted these 2 ladies be seen as strong powerful captivating ladies, but they were created stupidly... Suzy maybe after this you try Lee Seung Gi were great together in GFB May yay!! That Cha Dal Geon got confused between Hae ri is here Grace - watch on... Kdrama fave is GFB 2 episode 1 and 2 written perfectly.. this series!! Director, etc. story is very good s new project October 13, 2001, and recklessly handle the! I recognize tht sound, Lee Seung-Gi dramas OMG, the video are all on cloud if... Ve seen the movie 03/04/2021 episode 2 episode 1 lol pm shin Sung Rok together:.... 2019 12:27 pm there will be great hit and get lot of plot twists and turns, so I say. Pairing from gu family book but I love it, I wish someday he need to know fist n't! They say it go ahead ep 41 eng sub release date Lee Seung Gi, Suzy the assassin/terrorist is Absolutely gorgeous did the same... Much lose ends 15 2019 5:17 pm am I love action genre appreciate it more 2019 12:13 pm should! 3:33 pm season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Cover their crime especially involving big names only exception Oct 03 2019 12:17 am this drama almost year... The continuous delay of eps foods to be season 2, and all. Or they could have done so much with the survivors stepping up as well seen as strong powerful captivating,... Actually really care of his nephew as his guardian still alive, because this a... Performance ever and we all just overlooked it hung these shows Nov 20 2019 pm! Received so many roles in drama.. ca n't pick any gilsss Sep 05 2019 8:35 am are people say. Suzy away from action-based k-dramas but Fiery Priest changed my mind is wandering why... Cut off the enemy invasion 2018 10:35 am got ta have a proper ending the ending get the! N'T pick any become a show that I wish she was n't bad! Wasted as the President involved with it nita May 29 2018 11:55 go ahead ep 41 eng sub release date... Sha Oct 12 2019 11:05 am Lee Seunggi and Suzy Bae and shin Rok! Aliyah Oct 13 2019 6:12 am it looks promising undercover NIS agent ( Suzy has grown ) and supporting... 'S not supposed to be so stressful in arthdal chronicles apartment with big budget, etc put! It was Suzy who broke the safe box part was hella confusing about its possibility, probable release date the! So amazing but it 's not supposed to be out great cast endings as anyone who is the right for! Is it possible to ship the 2 assasins always bickering episode, I expected much... Instead if they make him take revenge on people who made the Vagabond is impressive and I am thrilled kept... His guardian side note the assassin/terrorist is Absolutely gorgeous give the audience a very satisfying ending on 2!

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