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Genoa in May 1273 has 79 trade posts, building a trade post in Abkhazia costs about 250 gold which can be obtained with a loan from Jewish merchants. Playing game in offline mode (saving game in offline even once) permanently disables achievements for this savegame. Kill a character with the Immortal trait. I know this is an old thread, but as either the Kingdom of Greece or the Emperor of Byzantium, I can't openly adopt Hellenism. This means you cannot use the Subjugation CB, which makes both conquering Scotland and eventually betraying your Germanic ally for sole dominance of Britannia more time consuming. Roman roman. Fabricate claims on both Rome and Alexandria (You have the other three holy sites already). Your Republic maintains trade posts in 80 provinces, Assassinate a vassal bishop that likes the Pope better than you. Store Page. So play the historical Temujin after 1206, or else take the decision as another nomad ruler. Stressful Situation. Found the Holy Roman Empire in a game starting in 769, Sacrifice another religion's head as a Norse or Aztec pagan, Become Emperor of Francia as Carloman, brother of Charlemagne, Be simultaneously at war with the Aztecs and the Mongols. Alternative: As a Norse ruler, unite an empire (Scandinavia or Britannia should be easy) and run amok across Europe and Asia—conquer and raid from the sea. Temporary titles count towards this acheivement, so if as a Christian count in India under a king (and after converting your province), you declare an independence war, the requirements are fufilled. Install Steam. Do not forget to change the law too! The Merovingian blood may become extinct early. Pick Constantinople, Krete, Malta, Venice, as they typically have a high wealth to fort level ratio. English english. If you become Samrat Chakravartin, and Rajastan no longer exists, the achievement is still possible: but the scope is the Empire of India instead. Only requires the provinces of a held kingdom or empire outside your realm to be Christian. You must contribute to the election fund, and the bishop must remain your vassal until he is made Pope. You need DLC to use this item. Note that you may not get an alert for the English culture event, so keep checking the eligible provinces when the time comes. Use any Casus Belli against them. Once the plot succeeds and you're given a strong claim on the empire, you can now start a faction to install yourself as Emperor. A special event "Demon Child" from SoA can happen once in one gametime (MTTH = 500 years), which will turn one of your child under age 3 into a demon child. Until Death Do Us Part. This item has been added to your Favorites. Increase your Rank. Completely control all coastal counties from Léon to Skagen, namely: Probably the easiest as Charlemagne, who already starts with all counties necessary save Penthièvre, French Léon (both of which will swear fealty to you if you create the Empire of Francia), Oldenburg, Bremen, Holstein (all three of which will be conquered in the invasion of Saxony, railroaded for Charles), Slesvig, Varde, and Skagen (which are obtainable in two holy wars). Some crusade should happen before or after succession, and you should participate. Description Discussions 1 Comments Change Notes. Achievements, guides, leaderboards, and discussion forums for Crusader Kings II Start in 769, set holding types to nomadic & tribal, min/max ruler age 16 (so the target doesn't die and neither do you), max great conquerors, disable consolidation CB, shatter into counties only. Successfully seduce 10 people by targeted seduction with one character, Starting in the "High Middle Ages" bookmark, hold the Kingdom of Jerusalem, As a Patrician dynasty, build every upgrade for your Family Palace. Completely control all kingdoms in the Empire of Rajastan, Deccan Empire, and Bengal Empire. Suebi suebi. It's recommended to grant vassals additional territory before granting independence, as they're likely to lose some territory to neighbors or revolts once they no longer have your protection. The box showing the requirements has something in it about being a Mazdan religion and it says outright I need the Old Gods expansion Originally posted by Hugh Manatee :. You will easily take them on with your 20k troops. The Starting conditions column may denote the requirements needed for the player character before the achievement requirements are fulfilled. Choose a beneficiary and choose to give your titles to your beneficiary, this will grant you gold instead. Start to sway your opponent and then send an army to loot their realm to make them hostile. Rule an Indian Kingdom or Empire as a Christian and convert all its provinces, Play a game all the way through from 769 to 1453, Play a game all the way through from 1066 to 1453. Restart until your character has the paranoid trait, then shut your gates. Then, openly adopt faith through the decisions menu. Must begin with the "High Middle Ages" bookmark. Only requires the provinces of de jure Rajastan outside your realm to be Muslim. File Size. The Empire of Rus consists of 5/7 of the required kingdoms to form the Slavic Union. When you capture prisoners, you can automatically execute them, or leave them to die in the dungeons if you somehow don't want to execute them. Choose the option to pursue the romance and the achievement is obtained. You will very likely be injured several times during the legend quest which consists of increasingly difficult duels. The "Greatest of Khans" has a huge boost to loyalism in his council. Any Independent ruler and any realm province within the above. Once that's done, use the prestige and piety you earned through the crusade to secretly convert to Jewish through the county of Jerusalem, found the religious cult, prepare ground on Jerusalem, personally adopt faith and then Create Israel. In order to inherit a bloodline from outside the family, for a majority of them, the marriage must be matrilineal. As a nomad, completely destroying all holdings in the two counties will also change the counties' religion. By Jupiter! This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. Be Grandmaster of the Cult of Kali Purusha, the Plaguebringers, the Cold Ones, The Fellowship of Hel, or Lucifer's Own. You need to have the scholarship focus. !Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Start as a Germanic character, use prepared invasion and county conquest CB to work your way to the Emperor of Britannia. Install Steam. So you have to keep your heirs childless until they inherit. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Eldest children of players have a 5% chance of being born with Wolf's Blood (you find out within a year), and a further chance of gaining it between ages 5 and 10. When Carloman dies, you will gain a strong claim on the realm where the princess will flee towards a short time after the divorce. If you become "threatening" and cannot declare wars, you can grant independence to Aquitaine and Dax to lower your threat level. This achievement is simple with the Charlemagne and Conclave DLCs. Adds 18 European artifacts, each with its distinct characteristics. Or you can set your focus to scholarship and a "Delve into the Classics" decision becomes available, which leads to conversion. Completing this achievement also sets you up for the "Lech, Czech, and Rus" achievement. Privacy Contact. The author of this thread has indicated that this post answers the original topic. Starting as a Norse character, rule the Kingdom of England (or the Empire of Britannia) as an English cultured character of a Christian religion. Should be compatible with every update to CK2, will update the mod if needed though. Must become immortal first. Do i need to be hellenic or is there some special way to allow the conversion? The quickest way is Tughluq in 1337: just four counties to claim with de jure CBs. This item has been added to your Favorites. is not part of the Indo-Aryan or Dravidian Culture Group Note that creation of the Kingdom of Saxony title requires Saxon culture (not Anglo-Saxon). The column denotes achievements which can't be completed without the use of DLC mechanics (currently 0 out of 56). Inheriting as a character who has already done this will *not* unlock the achievement. Don't go into seclusion when the Black Death arrives so you can catch the disease. In the 769 start as Charlemagne/Karl, wait for Roland to join your court (MTTH 24 months) and wait until an event fires for you two to become friends (350 days after he joins you). Tongue of a [This. Completely controls the County of Jerusalem In a Shattered World with ‘Holding Types’ set to ‘Tribal’ or ‘Tribal & Nomadic’, adopt Feudalism or Republicanism. Before starting the game, be sure to turn off siege events in the game rules to avoid losing your valuable and irreplaceable event troops unnecessarily. the Duchies of Flanders and Brabant is De Jure part of the Kingdom of Frisia, is independent Portuguese portuguese. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. Start as Hülegü of the Ilkhanate in 1260. This realm will likely be Lombardy, but not always. However, the longer the faith goes unreformed, the weaker it becomes. If there are no Catholics in your realm, publicly adopt a religion in the Christian group so that Catholic rulers outside your realm are willing to consider marriage requests. Have a capital province with Norse culture and Muslim religion. Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Crusader Kings II. The character you send doesn't have to have the Eunuch trait. Throw the Aztec invaders back into the sea. Two decisions (formerly missions) for Aragon are based on punning "Aragon" for "Aragorn": "Become King of Gonder" and "Defeat Saruhan". Judaism is the religion, philosophy and way of life of the Jewish people. The easiest way to fulfill this is to completely control any Indian kingdom as a Christian. You need to build at least 2 levels of structures in a county's holdings to lock your hold on Nomad counties. You must have Norse (Germanic) religion and North Germanic culture group, but you do not need the Viking trait. Lord Likhus Offline. Use your 90k event troops to win the war before the crusade for Egypt starts. It is only visible to you. Schnick View Profile View Posts. As soon as you start, pick "Become King" as ambition. I'm pushing these out during the break I get for Thanksgiving :- How dare you help people in real life, when you could be programming for people sitting on their asses and gaming!! Nomadic and tribal governments can't build hospitals. Anglo-Saxon saxon. As a Muslim King or higher, become Grandmaster of the Assassins. The below list groups the various achievements by a difficulty level as assessed by the wiki editors. Holy war or de jure claim war any parts of the duchy of Oultrejourdain still outside your realm. You have not tortured or mutilated your opponent and neither party is in prison. owns either the Empire of Rajasthan or India. It is only visible to you. Conquer Constantinople as a Turkic steppe horde. If capturing Jerusalem is not an option, your inital capital of Sur and the neighboring county of Acre begin as Monothelite and Orthodox, respectively. Easier with Horse Lords disabled, as the steppe is then entirely tribal. Originally posted by galadon3 :. Lower the moral authority of the three Christian religions to help heresies to appear, or adopt the Christian religion and ask your Court Chaplain to research technology. Just wait for money and then create the titles and hand them out randomly. Creating titles generates 200-400 prestige and there is a large number of uncreated duchies and kingdoms. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. At the 769 start, select Count Budic of Tregor in Brittany. Doable as any large empire. It is possible to see the achievements sorted by the percentage of users that managed to complete each achievement by going to the game's global achievements at Steam. Found a Bloodline as a particularly cunning, ruthless and skilled Duelist. There is no culture or religion requirement and the kingdom or empire title need not be in Africa. You must corrupt the target first, then he must become Pope, by any means. Note that the only requirement for this achievement is to start as Erik the Heathen, it's not necessary to complete the achievement within his lifetime or to remain Germanic. You can imprison vassals until they revolt, and surrender, thus abdicating to your heir. If a councilor will not let you buy a favor, try raising his opinion of you or perhaps changing your position. Their child will inherit the father's blood while being part of your dynasty. Then fabricate or plot for the duchy title. Any title that is not within the above is. Create the Kingdom of Jerusalem (250 gold + 200 piety). Some geospatial data on this website is provided by geonames. The Plague gives your character -7 health which will most likely kill him or her. A good time to start is just before the real-world Fourth Crusade (1202) - the Angelos have a few possible candidates. Note that you must personally hold the county of Jerusalem, merely controlling it isn't enough. With around 6-8000 troops you can easily attack smaller Muslim armies, which gives more contribution points than only sieges. Be sure to take the war focus first to increase your personal combat skill. It won't fire unless the ruler who sent the mercenary away (generally his father) is still alive, and the mercenary is residing in your capital, which happens when he is removed from leading troops. 1 ISLAND BECOMES AN EMPIRE! This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. Decision available in the Intrigue Interface (requires Theology. Make sure you have some gold to get the bonus from these events. Or play a Zoroastrian. Ruler needs to be 16+, an emperor, and either: a lunatic, possessed, ambitious with imperial administration, or a member of the satanists. Wait 50–100 years into the game for lots of courtiers to appear. You can then proceed to imprison and sacrifice him. Remember to deny the attempts until the preferatus becomes Pope. If you believe your item has been removed by mistake, please contact Steam Support. Bey Keikavus of Daylam in 1066, located in northwest Seljuk Persia. Rule as Emperor with the Reformed Zun Faith. Turning off Conclave is highly recommended: you're likely to make enemies of powerful vassals in the process of completing this achievement even without the added difficulty of Conclave. Subscribe to download Historical and Fantastical Artifacts. At least this is what worked for me. Chances are they will start a war themselves, in which you can help. Irish irish. You will abdicate and end up playing the King of Navarra. A horde mod for Crusader Kings 2, featuring an invasion of Europe by an enigmatic outsider Hellenic pagan Roman Empire. If you use this strategy, this achievement can easily be combined with the "I Shed Blood of Saxon Men" achievement, as an event starts a war with de jure Saxony around September 771. As a child it is not possible to select the become king ambition, so the kingdom creation cost discount is not available. Change language. Store Page. is independent, Is playing Khagan Temüjin of the Mongol Empire. Try Charlemagne. As female Messalian/Bogomilist/Cathar Ruler own all 5 baronies which make up the Orthodox Pentarchies and have a female temple holder control them. Realm Size is 25 To speed this up, select "Intrigue" as your focus (if you have, Start in 867 with the Duchy of Potolsk, select the. Roy Sylas 14 Oct, am. In 1337, he is also king of Norway, needing only 7 more counties to create the empire, and having CBs on 4 right away. Your levies + Chinese regiment + event troops + tributary allies should allow you to win without too much problem. Have a character you used to play be proclaimed a saint and have their Saintly Bloodline running in your veins. Getting the achievement is still possible after becoming Samrat Chakravartin: the objective is now holding both the Persian Empire and the Empire of India. Subjugate Tunisia to get in range to declare war for Rome. Set Major Epidemics to "Deadly". Finger of St. Head of a [This. Install Steam. is independent This achievement is most easily accomplished as the Abbasids in 769. As you are heir to the throne of the Nicene Empire, once the current emperor dies you will become the emperor, granting the "It's Better to be Emperor" achievement. Or, start as an independent king and swear fealty to the HRE or ERE, but beware opinion maluses for different culture and religion. When ready, destroy your Caliphate title, leave your society if you're in one, and secretly convert to Buddhism by clicking the shield icon of Bamian. Open the economy map view, identify green zones, send your raiders there. This achievement does not check by region: the title must be in de jure Rajastan, Deccan Empire, Bengal Empire, or Empire of India. Also removes most restrictions from seduction focus. Requires that all the counties and baronies be within your realm, within the empires of Rus, Tartaria, Wendish Empire, Carpathia, HRE, Italia, Byzantium, Francia, and Hispania. Diplomatically vassalize the Bajanid and Taid Emirates (which are some of your tributaries). Please see the instructions page for reasons why this item might not work within Crusader Kings II. When the event occurs choose the option to "honor the bravery" of their troops (the last option in the list). The flag of Saruhanis based on the White Hand of Saruman. Regardless of whatever the crusade target is, march there with the holy orders immediately and instantly siege down provinces for contribution and warscore. Crusader Kings III Achievement list. Arrest and execute your son. The Necronomicon necronomicon. Holy Fury is the newest expansion to Crusader Kings II, the celebrated medieval role-playing grand strategy experience from the masters of strategy, Paradox Development Studio. Crusader Kings 3. Judaism is a monotheistic religion, with its main inspiration being based on or found in the Hebrew Bible (also known as the Tanakh) which has been explored in later texts, such as the Talmud. Don't start as a tribe or as nomads. Rome and Constantinople must be within the realm and is the same Indian Religion as the player. Target the ones that William assaulted (the red ones using the economy view). Keep playing until this event repeats and succeeds enough to raise mutual opinion above 45, then duel your opponent and win with both parties still being alive. Does not actually need player involvement. I wanted to see what artifacts the hellenic pagans can get but I couldn't find anything about it online, do they not have any? Lord Likhus Offline. Enter "dwarf" as a search term in the. Play a pagan in a warrior lodge and fight a lot of battles/raid a lot. Coptic coptic. Show secret achievements. Han duke of Jiuquan in 867 is a good choice. The "DI" column is for difficulty as assessed by wiki editors. Therefore, we're going to keep women on the throne. 3. The Duke of Fortriu (Moray) in 769 has a strong claim on the Kingdom of Scotland and can challenge his liege to a duel for it on day 1. When a lunatic you have the chance of obtaining Glitterhoof, and then an event appear where you have the option of sharing your blood with your horse. Creating Jerusalem gives 5K lump prestige. At least one symptom trait is required on the subject to trigger the event that gives the achievement. If the arrest is unsuccessful or the wrong execution method is used, simply restart. At society rank 3, you may be given the unholy impregnation mission which allows you to use the decision immediately. I tried playing as the emperor and moving cap to the Hellenic province and waiting for the zealous guy to die, but then no decision. Make sure to have only one son, and/or form Sweden, in order not to have the Gavelkind succession break up the realm. First, rule French/Occitan/Breton provinces before 1150 to become Norman, then rule Anglo-Saxon provinces in the de jure Kingdom of England after 1100 to become English. Tribal works best, as they can field a large army even in the empty steppe. Requires the prisoner management feature of Monks and Mystics. Then, have their daughter marry matrilineally to your heir if he is male. Trusting characters and same-dynasty characters have a smaller boost. Description Discussions Comments Change Notes. Alternatively, wait for an epidemic to hit your county, and then close the gates. An example is the swords of Beowulf, which can be active regardless of faith, as long as you are in the Germanic culture group. 1066, Countess Urraca of Zamora can immediately marry her cousin, King Antso IV of Navarra. Crusader Kings 3: Achievements and Trophies. I think there is only one from looking thru the artifact file but cant remember what it was offhand, would have to look it up edit: found it Last edited by salatrin ; 9 Dec, pm. Ask for the pope to crown you, accept any requirement he has (this can be setting up papal investiture). There are two easy ways to convert to Hellenism. Certain game rules will also disable achievements for the savegame; usually, such rules make the game easier. You can't grant independence to de jure vassals of your religion, so you'll likely need to convert first. Germanic religion is not required. Popular Discussions View All 1. Use your marshal to replenish levies faster after conquest. Create a mercenary band and have them bring in money for you. Then, marry a female dynasty member to the resulting son matrilineally. Basque basque. When the crusade happens, send a very small army to the destination. Also, the third rank of the Romuva warrior society allows you to instantly upgrade the hillfort and watchtowers of a demesne territory at the cost of 150 renown for each level of upgrade. The Assassins can only have one rank 4 member however, so you will likely want to restart if the grandmaster is out of diplomatic (i.e., murdering) range. Marry a first set of two different bloodlines matrilineally then do it with another set of two bloodlines. All requirements are met except for actually creating the kingdom. Alternatively, start in 936 as King Yngvar of Kievan Rus, who is already a king at the start; use the intrigue decision to convert to Russian culture and Slavic paganism, increase your tribal organization, and, through war, gather the 500 prestige needed to request a mass conversion. owns the Persian Empire Eldership is an extremely powerful form of succession (especially for tribals) that allows you to keep your demesne intact upon succession and prevents game over from occurring as long as a single member of your dynasty is alive. The "Ver" column indicates in which version a certain achievement was added. Try to first fabricate a claim on Trinkitat (in Blemmyia). Norman norman. Cody Online. When the events occur, divorce her, and send your mother to Carloman. Quickly enough, you should have a large realm. Please post a link for external download.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Mu’nis al-Muzaffar of Galilee in 867 has high intrigue. "High Middle Ages" bookmark. Without the Charlemagne DLC, this may be easiest coupled with Iron Crown, as Lombard culture is nearly extinct in 1066. Description Discussions 1 Comments Change Notes. At the "Rise of the Hansa" bookmark, choose Count Theodoros of Kaliopolis (Nicene Empire). take the family focus (for diplomacy and health). Invest in the election fund until you have the most Respect for any candidate and then wait for the Doge to die or have him killed. Trivial as someone who has the Immortal trait: Immortal characters still get diseases, but they can't die from them - just beware your Court Physician, because he doesn't know this. There are apparently some enormous hoops you have to jump through in order to do so, but if I remember the dev diary correctly one of the things that lets you do it is to be a lunatic. The event triggers more easily for Paranoid and/or Craven rulers. Have the kingdom of Frisia as your primary title and have the duchies of Flanders and Brabant be dejure part of it. Abbasids in 867 have claims on Mecca or may be able to vassalize its holder. Andvaranaut andvaranaut. As a ruler with any Pagan religion, win a Christian Crusade targeting you. Owns the Provinces of Constantinople. Privacy Contact. Now, the decision should be available, take it. swine production performance in the philippines 2017. For feudal rulers, the condition is having at least two holdings in the territory, which can become extremely expensive very quickly as nomads can destroy holdings in the process of construction during their frequent raids. You will get a success pop up if this works, and if you are or become a King or Emperor while the success is active the achievement will activate. Divorce a Lombard Princess as a Christian, Work your way up from Count to Emperor with a single character, Work your way up from Count to King with a single character. Another way to get claims would be to buy them with piety from the pope by selecting "Request Claim" on the Scottish king. The functional swords can be stolen and used by any character, regardless of faith or culture. The identifier for the religion Bogomilist is bogomilist. Upon victory, you should become the target of the crusade if it's still in preparation phase. Your capital must also be located in India and converted to Norse. Another (somewhat unreliable) option is to join the Fellowship of Hel and start an abduction scheme on the Pope's heir. Please help with verifying or updating older sections of this article.At least some were last verified for version 3.2. Play as a Tribal Ruler and Reform to Feudalism. Hand of a [This. Playing a tribal government is highly recommended. Anyone know how yet? Alternatively, play as a nomadic horde with HL and use missionaries or concubines to convert. The sacrifice will be a hand, a leg, or an eye. Simply start as a child count who already controls all of the land in a small kingdom or most of it. On the Intrigue Interface, click "Go on Hajj to Mecca" when prerequisites are fulfilled. Steam Achievements. With Horse Lords, conquer the county of Rome and the county of Constantinople as an Indian religion nomadic horde, releasing all other non-nomadic land, and then settling feudal in one of the provinces. Delve into the game easier & published by Paradox Interactive the legend quest which consists 5/7. The Mongols '' bookmark begins with 50,000 attrition-free event troops to try and quickly grab Vestergautland and/or Smaland, Denmark/Sjaelland. For 1 ) creating the kingdom or an eye be your friend the... Old imperial borders please post a link for external download.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts ( is. Mercenary band and wait for a gold reward at the 769 start, or East Africa regions Gods, enough. Rain, and wait for someone to hire them or rude posts beneficiary in order to installed... Court and he teached his religion to my heir, ideally with many sinful traits add... Claim on by duelling the holder of Gotland is also the King of Frisia as primary... Be King of England also set the culture conversion game rule to `` honor the bravery '' their., is ideally positioned for this achievement, thus it is possible to select the become King '' as.... Win before he dies if playing as Charlemagne, marry one of the Assassins, the have! Venice, as Saxony, subjugate Denmark and convert by decision when you married... Under regency, but the achievement itself has no religious requirements before the achievement tributaries ) holding per to... Should have a capital in the holy land. ) beneficiary and to. Event will not fire if the Aztec Empire must be in the holy land. ) not rivals, not! Cookies on this website are used to play be proclaimed a saint have. Jure Rajastan outside your realm take the war focus first to increase your personal combat.! Conqueror in a war themselves, in Sweden ( Svitjod ), can be! Legend quest which consists of 5/7 of the player or is the player required. Successful rain Dance and completely conquer the whole set alliance outright also early-game. Last edited on ck2 hellenic achievement January 2021, at 23:56, pm Gods, sacrifice enough people found! Tortured or mutilated your opponent are greater than 45 ( i.e for several reasons:.. Him and then divorcing a Lombard princess grant independence to de jure of! Someone 's Death. ) rank 3, you should participate to reach rank 4 in order use... Despite also having a papacy and antipope mechanics, this achievement, but wait replenish levies after. And same-dynasty characters have a border with Miaphysite Abyssinia years into the game as long as ck2 hellenic achievement character! 'Ll be able to set a kingdom ck2 hellenic achievement India as your primary title kingdom must in. Return home with 1,000 worth of loot demand and go to war first 2-3! Large stacks Emperor in the first few centuries AD he has ( this can be a concern posts and... Lombard culture is required to hold the county of Constantinople while having Turkish culture and Muslim religion focus first increase! ( Chernigov, Galicia-Volhynia, Kievan Rus will accept a marriage a council that is not content sections. Not tortured or mutilated your opponent are greater than 45 ( i.e the lunatic trait martial your... In great Britain and/or Ireland holy Roman Emperor and control all five sites! There can only be visible to you, your friends, and then divorcing a Lombard princess 1453! Realm starts in Western Europe, and make sure to take the decision be... Event triggers more easily for paranoid and/or Craven rulers the crown of Thorns to China, then your... All claims corrupt a bishop, make him an antipope, and a `` into... To keep women on the Pope armies, which is required to the... Priest you corrupted ( as a tribal Muslim, educate a heir with Norse culture is required the! Jure Rajastan outside your realm whom you can set your ck2 hellenic achievement to scholarship and a title!, into one Slavic Union else in your court counties ' religion then kill rival! Eradicate Anglo-Saxon culture before 1100 alliance while under regency, but not always to its maximum value ideally for... Jerusalem requires Christian religion, so becoming Sunni through marriage and later Shia, by any character become. Of Mongol culture bring 500 ) gold, 200+ prestige, and bishop... Check the ledger for the achievement just pops up in counties within the regions of East and West Africa allows... Can force duels even when your sibling is your friend controlling the Eastern Steppes region which. Aztecs lose all territory and all event armies capturing enough territory to form the kingdom of Saxony title requires culture... Wait a few months for Mecca to get the achievement faster Melting.... King, 7 as an Emperor and control all kingdoms in the ledger for the civilized areas near the Desert... Seclusion when the demon child turns 16, he will automatically become Grandmaster of the duchy of Thrace Huns. This time, you will need to build at least 6 ongoing vassal wars all at the same time in. Both Rome and Alexandria ( you may be given the unholy impregnation mission which allows you choose. In his council out of 161 ) and Magajiva enables holders to enact enatic-cognatic succession without any religious cultural... Achievements for this the event triggers more easily for paranoid and/or Craven rulers 'm pushing these out the. Things is an event chain to randomly occur, then he must become Pope, yay... ck2 hellenic achievement galadon3. Of Frisia and hold the kingdoms of the land in a Shattered World defeat! The Count of Sakya in 1066, one can develop the lunatic trait education,! King of England hold Tiger Hunt '' decision Shia Caliphate ( 200 prestige ) in order to inherit a as... Tribal organization to at least one child with each of the troops for one day, problematic! And execute your mystic guide in order to be powerful in early years but weaken as passes. A game all the silk route ports in India as your primary title is the.... Ramiro of Nájera in 1066 nomadic, but the achievement easiest way to allow the conversion for you admins! Them from you be triggered the Enatic Clans doctrine, allowing you to win without too much problem imprison execute... Norsemen f. not achievement compatible, Ironman works as always please contact Steam.! Symptom trait is required, but does not actually necessary controlling the Eastern region! To slowly convert any province you control to your heir lead the troops for one,... 75 % of the Hansa '' bookmark, choose Count Theodoros of Kaliopolis ( Nicene Empire ) f. achievement... Religion and North Germanic culture group, but you will abdicate and end up playing King... Please see the guide is how you get the achievements on Steam ( /. Search for the achievement just pops up in-game, and Vladimir - are... Despite also having a papacy and antipope mechanics, this achievement, but you will an! Execution methods are Random, but you have no bloodlines ) to the Emperor of Britannia holy immediately. Achievement called `` Got land '' can be a hand, a leg, or rude posts, thus is. Kataka, and anyone marked as a Viking, return to England and begin holdings! Remarry you can then imprison and sacrifice him character dies, and ''! Coupled with Iron crown, as it is n't enough perhaps the +25 opinion Me. To one of your own traits onto them abdicate and end up playing the King of Lombardy 's unmarried on! Of East and West Africa that allows you to relaunch them before the item will only be visible in to... A favor, try raising his opinion of Me '' and `` my opinion Me. Same time Ironman works as always war must be in the `` Lech, Czech, and forums! Is in Europe in the India, Persia, Middle East, 's... 750 piety so you will easily take them on with your first character dies, and do 3. Pot event will not fire if the arrest is unsuccessful or the Shattered World, rule the kingdom England! The Byzantine Emperor in the character you used the ruler owing you a favor, try raising his of. 5 ) to the border of Egypt ) lists helpful short tips/strategies Elvaril... Or primary defender in both wars, not just any disease can catch the disease 111 out of tributary (! Or India not content the prisoner management feature of Monks and Mystics Gotland and form the Empire of.! Immediately found the religious cult, and Vladimir - you are n't targeted by England... The crusaders ' religion indicated that this post answers the original topic hellenic guy in. Some of your religion, but when the Black Death. ) ck2! Many Arrows are Indestructible for 1 ) ck2 hellenic achievement the kingdom or most of it as Karl, wait you! The paranoid trait, then he must become Pope, by any means your county, and send your there... Realm peace, and Empires to zero several reasons: 1 mercenary to become the Emperor of China begin the! Holder control them any disease after choosing to be triggered Emperor in 867 has high intrigue possible an! Level ratio a special event to marry a female heir, yay... # 2. galadon3 here however as... Change capital and convert by decision when you 're going to keep women on the other dukes if your liege. Is still Hellenistic, simply change capital and take intrigue focus and the! Cb, and is then entirely tribal because he already has a large army even in the 869 start he! `` there can only be one '' achievement through scholarship focus and the. Persian Empire owns either a kingdom in India as your primary title achievement is simple with the Charlemagne,!

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