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When you're sheriff you can contact all the West coast authorities and try and convince them to chase your bones. While Cynthia skipping with Jeffrey was next to impossible for Dean to buy, no one could convince him she would abandon her son. In order to save the boy he must convince the other jurors to change their hasty decision. To the same class belong the treatise To Ablavius, against the tritheists; On Faith, against the Arians; On Common Notions, in explanation of the terms in current employment with regard to the Trinity; Ten Syllogisms, against the Manichaeans; To Theophilus, against the Apollinarians; an Antirrhetic against the same; Against Fate, a disputation with a heathen philosopher; De anima et resurrectione, a dialogue with his dying sister Macrina; and the Oratio catechetica magna, an argument for the incarnation as the best possible form of redemption, intended to convince educated pagans and Jews. 4. Alice in Wonderland's curious little encounter with this feline may not be enough to convince viewers that he's a villain, but he's definitely crazy! MSNBC reports a crime where a man created a Facebook page under the name of an ex-girlfriend he had raped in order to convince another ex-girlfriend to get back together with him. They point to the short lived reality show Homeland Security, the take-off on Cops that deals with terrorism rather than street crime, as a tool to convince voters that the government is effectively protecting the country. How to connect “convince” with other words to make correct English sentences. The fragments that remain of the moral treatises of Democritus are sufficient, perhaps, to convince us that the turn of Greek philosophy in the direction of conduct, which was actually due to Socrates, would have taken place without him, though in a less decided manner; but when we compare the Democritean ethics with the post-Socratic system to which it has most affinity, Epicureanism, we find that it exhibits a very rudimentary apprehension of the formal conditions which moral teaching must fulfil before it can lay claim to be treated as scientific. His own upbringing did nothing but convince him that Oracles in general were never to be trusted. If you keep an eye out for promotions, you may receive extra money for opening a new account, and sometimes you can earn even referral fees if you convince family and friends to open their own accounts. You have a referendum and you seek to convince people of the rightness of a particular case. With the millions of members on MySpace, how will you convince them to add your music to their page? Its purpose is to convince the employer that reviewing your resume is a good use of his or her time. When he failed to convince Falkenhayn that the effort should be a joint one, he determined to attack independently, and, according to Krauss, he endeavoured to conceal his preparations from the Germans. The series of coincidences to which he points is undoubtedly striking, but had failed to convince most critics. "I want you to convince me I'm not crazy," she replied. "I have often squared with you, Gardiner," he said familiarly, "but I love you never the worse, as the bishopric I give will convince you.". Because the hotel doesn’t offer a gym or pool as a fitness convenience, I have to walk around the neighborhood for exercise. Maybe she could convince her father to repay the money she had put into the ranch – if he hadn't already spent it. She had every reason to keep them in the dark, and to convince other courts that she could and would marry if the provocation were sufficient. (heavily, strongly, mostly) Used with prepositions: " She always features her children in her artwork. Convince me you aren't telling me we can have a real relationship just so I go through with this procedure you want to try. The team spends some time trying to convince these families to give up things that they won't ever need, and this is often a difficult task. Her arguments didn't convince everyone, but changes were made. When dementia becomes severe, people often hallucinate, develop aggressive tendencies, and convince themselves that they have participated in activities and events that never occurred. There had been no hesitation, no second guessing when Rhyn snapped Jade's neck. Come on, I think you've seen enough to convince yourself that I have a valid point when I say it's dangerous to wander in the woods. An old man was able to convince Nian to eat beasts of prey instead of people. Examples of convince in a Sentence; Examples of convince. He may challenge your thinking and try to convince you that the two of you getting together would be a good idea. The idea is to convince passersby that you are not the daughter of a mere library clerk, but indeed the offspring of a legendary merchant family. Use convince in a sentence - Example Sentences for convince The children devised a plan to convince the teacher to cancel the test. Examples of Convenience in a sentence The elevator is a pleasant convenience that helps me avoid stairs. T.I. A superficial glance at Innocent's correspondence is sufficient to convince us that he was pre-eminently concerned for the reformation and moral welfare of the Church, and was animated by the best intentions for the re-estab lishment in the ecclesiastical body of order, peace and respect for the hierarchy. The trick here is to convince the teen to attend therapy. conga dances could convince us that they were happy. In the beginning I had to convince my parents to support my choice of a career in fashion. 1226), author of a philosophical treatise in Arabic and of a commentary on the Song of Solomon, found so much difficulty in the new views that the Moreh Nebhukhim was written in order to convince him. She had given up years ago trying to convince him to let the rest of the world see that side. The company’s new online payment system is a huge convenience for customers with mobility issues. Drugs-Because children often believe themselves invincible, often having a "it won't happen to me attitude," it's hard to convince them at times that drugs can kill. 3. Companies use marking to convince you that the best ways for managing stress happen to be some of the unhealthiest of ways. When going to sporting events, a pink hoodie might be the only way to convince a sports lover to show her spirit with the rest of the family. I can only recommend you to read again Darwin's account of the horse family and its comparison with pigeons; and if that does not convince and stagger you, then you are unconvertible. Wish you will love and make progress everyday! Being underground meant he was a much harder target to hit, yet despite his attempts to convince his brother to act likewise, he'd not yet succeeded. The illustrative strings and the orange stick representing the poles seemed so real that even to this day the mere mention of temperate zone suggests a series of twine circles; and I believe that if any one should set about it he could convince me that white bears actually climb the North Pole. corporate - core - cord - cope - coordinate - cooperate Example sentences with the convince, a sentence example for convince, and how to make convince in sample sentence, how do I use the word convincein a sentence? CK … England 's " Nazareth " will not convince all skeptics. An example donation letter can help you write a great pitch that will convince people that your charity is worth giving to. It took me some time to convince Mr. Hardy you were the best painter in the area for his Cannery Row project. How to convince the client to purchase? Three years were enough to convince the nation that he was " endeavouring to subvert and extirpate the Protestant religion, and the laws and liberties of this kingdom"; and on his deposition in 1688 Roman Catholics, or persons married to Roman Catholics, were declared incapable of succeeding to the throne. The only reason Alex was here right now was to help Katie run the farm - and maybe convince her to go back to Houston with him. To convince myself of this I do not lift it the next moment. Encouragement and emotional support may convince the sick person to get help, stay with treatment, or try again after a failure. We hope these images will help convince the government of the urgent need for a national network of refuges for young runaways. he asked. convince (v): to persuade someone or make someone certain Can't you convince him we can help him back here? (3) Unless the people be able to convince them of errors and mistakes in their sentence, they are bound to joyn their judgment with theirs to the compleating of the sentence. 3. What will it take for me to convince you? I have to convince you; taking it on faith alone isn't enough. The Chancellor must convince skeptical voters that the fruits of the strong economy have not been squandered. 43. The statistics on homeschooling in the United States may help to convince some people that this method of teaching is beneficial for some students. When consulted in a great council at Lillebonne they returned an unfavourable reply, and it was necessary to convince them individually by threats and persuasions. Jung's followers Despite the popular appeal of Jung's seductive elaborations about myths, generally they have failed to convince academic mythologists. When you write a donation letter, you need to convince people that your cause is worth their hard earned cash. Franco said last weekend, his words not all that convincing. Four weeks should convince everyone, including herself, that she could run her own life. CK 1 2872102 Tom convinced me. Another word for convince. There is nothing innately wrong with creating an avatar that looks nothing like the chatter, unless the person attempts to convince people that this is similar to the actual appearance of the person. None of them had been able to convince her to wait until the estate was settled. Dave the Tea Boy: We need to convince the electorate that we've changed Good luck on that one, mate. This is perhaps the only way to convince hardened skeptics that ghosts really exist. An illustration is, with the general run of mankind, more powerful to convince than an argument; and the cogency of the visible plea for the Copernican theory offered by the miniature system, then first disclosed to view, was recognizable in the triumph of its advocates as well as in the increased acrimony of its opponents. We do n't need to try to convince people through marketing; the client has already stipulated which product they want. Do not convince yourself or any other that I am here as her - -or Tiyan's - -guardian! It is not to be supposed that Satan would convince men of sin or awaken the conscience. If he wasn't there, she could convince herself this was all some sort of nightmare. In the early 1900s, women voters used their lobby to convince legislators to outlaw the production, sale and consumption of alcohol. (voters, public) Used with adverbs: " The lawyer successfully convinced the jury that his client was innocent. Most of the sentences presented include audio of the sentence in Spanish, which allows you … The Lambeth "opinion," as it was called, failed to convince the clergy against whom it was directed any better than the judgments of the ecclesiastical courts, but at first a considerable degree of obedience to the archbishops' view was shown. Convince definition, to move by argument or evidence to belief, agreement, consent, or a course of action: to convince a jury of his guilt; A test drive will convince you that this car handles well. In order to convince my wife that my. How do we convince the audience of " Uncle Manny " sincere motives with out sounding cheesy. So the histories say, and it is all quite wrong, as anyone who cares to look into the matter can easily convince himself. Commons that per pounds subcompact cars a rented vehicle probably convince the. In our 1981 survey, 61 percent of the Usage Panel rejected the use of convince with an infinitive. A buyer had to convince himself of the seller's title. Spiritualists have, as a rule, sought to convince not by testimony but by ocular demonstration. My decrees and actions up to now might convince you. At the very least, you may be able to get better priced premiums if you can convince travel insurers that your health problem presents only a minor risk. It would be her duty _not_ to go; but I suppose it will be very difficult for me to convince you of it. Focus is on adding options - If the broker only focuses primarily on trying to convince you why you need the security or luxury of expensive policy options, that's a good sign that the broker is only trying to increase the premium. Agricultural companies have failed to, 25. Maybe she could convince her father to repay the money she had put into the ranch – if he hadn't already spent it. your tax money) given to the banks to convince them to help you. Sure not even electric shocks would convince those birds to get it right. he asked, meeting her gaze with a smile. Don't say it for the sake of saying it - you won't convince anyone. There are appropriate responses to her infidelity that will help you convince her to be honest with you. We thought maybe you could convince him to go, or at least look at him. They can be very charming and convince others to do what they want them to very easily. TO PERSUADE SOMEONE TO DO SOMETHING The lawyer convinced the jury of the man's innocence. The past participle of convince is convinced. 2111744 I'm convinced. Right you convince get the better cottage industry from a tepid endorsement. Every year I come out here and try to convince him to get with the times, but it's to no avail. Yes, I need to convince her to accept me. This document serves as an overview of your business plan and should convince readers to read the entire document for the purpose of considering your business for private funding. But the tide of sentiment against the construction has turned. In 1693 Temple sent him to try and convince the king of the inevitable necessity of triennial parliaments. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with adverbs: " Her website regularly features recipes. Find more ways to say convince, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. She ran her fingers along the lines, finding the words she knew and guessing at the meaning of others, in a way that would convince the most conservative of educators that a little deaf child, if given the opportunity, will learn to read as easily and naturally as ordinary children. Alternately, don't let a quiz convince you to stick with someone who's just not right for you. He failed, however, to convince two prominent members of his cabinetLord Stanley and the duke of Buccleuchthat protection must be finally abandoned, and considering it hopeless to persevere with a disunited cabinet he resigned office. He tried to convince himself the reason was the burden she carried with her mother's illness, but deep down, he knew that was only partially true. I told Sam you weren't nearly as black-hearted as you'd tried to convince him you were. If she can convince hundreds of thousands of people to go buy a book simply by saying she liked it, there really is no telling how much pull she will have with voters in the next upcoming election. He was trying to convince himself of. You have to convince one that you are talented, serious and committed to seeing the process through. Facts of this character taken by themselves would perhaps be sufficient to convince most philologists that in Sumerian we have an arbitrarily compounded cryptography just as Halevy believes, but these facts cannot be taken by themselves, as the evidences of the purely linguistic basis of Sumerian are stronger than these apparent proofs of its artificial character. There are better ways for the industry to convince the radio stations than to impose quotas on them. Maigrot, says of him, one need merely read his book on the true religion to convince oneself that he had never imbibed the first elements of theology.".. Huq hopes tha he can convince the Chinese Olympic officials to include Twenty20 cricket in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. Instead, she was working hard to convince herself she really did want to walk away. He submitted his sketches to O'Shaughnessy in 1921 and simultaneously started his own campaign to convince city leaders of the feasibility of building the bridge. Youre the only one who can convince. To convince trade unionists like Hernando or retiring students activists like me, youâll have to do better than that. Many manufacturers and computer stores try to convince unwary consumers that they actually require better technology than what will work for them, and the only result is a higher price tag for no good reason. 12. Another word for Opposite of Meaning of Rhymes with Sentences with Find word forms Translate from English Translate to English Words With Friends Scrabble Crossword / Codeword Words starting with Words ending with Words containing exactly Words containing letters Pronounce Find conjugations Find names When 50% of communication is non-verbal and based on body language and another 35% is on the tone of our voice; that leaves very little verbal communication to convince a guy you are not intimidated to talk with him. “Convince” in a Sentence (with Audio) Examples of how to use the word “convince” in a sentence. You should provide reasons that will help convince the addict that he or she cannot wait any longer to seek treatment. Examples of convince in a sentence: 1. Autosuggestion is the power of mind over matter - if you. They eventually built up enough of a following to convince them to make the big move to Nashville. "Maybe you can convince him not to fight, and then convince him he's made a poor choice of a mate," she said. In this song, the group compares dancing to baseball in an effort to convince Chad to take to the floor and move his feet. The Cohens are eventually able to convince both boys to return home. This is government money (i.e. A conspiracy, planned with the object, among others, of kidnapping the emperor while on a visit to Venice and forcing him to make concessions, was postponed in consequence of the coup detat by which Louis Napoleon became emperor of the French (1852); but a chance discovery led to a large number of arrests, and the state trials at Mantua, conducted in the most shamelessly inquisitorial manner, resulted in five death sentences, including that of the priest Tazzoli, and many of imprisonment for long terms. The key to defending a dissertation is not to convince the panel that you are correct but to convince the panel that you are an expert and have done the work. [ + (that) ] It's useless trying to convince her (that) she doesn't need to lose any weight. If we could convince him to give you free rein to helping us with him remaining totally in the dark, we'd both have what we want. Leah tried to convince her niece to get in the pool, but the young girl adamantly refused. How could I convince my reading public I heard it from the horse's mouth? In the Philebus, however, though a more careful psychological analysis leads him to soften down the exaggerations of this attack on sensual pleasure, the antithesis of knowledge and pleasure is again sharpened, and a desire to depreciate even good pleasures is more strongly shown; still even here pleasure is recognized as a constituent of that philosophic life which is the highest human good, while in the Laws, where the subject is more popularly treated, it is admitted that we cannot convince man that the just life is the best unless we can also prove it to be the pleasantest. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. He used the rhetorical device of ethos to convince his audience by appealing to their morals. she demanded. To convince the enemy of their menacing strength, the townspeople were ordered to bang drums, blow trumpets and jostle the sightless envoy. "Are you going to try to convince me again that you don't care for me?" Nothing you can do will convince her of her sexual orientation; this is something she will have to learn for herself. Unilever was also one of the first companies to rely heavily on advertising campaigns to convince customers of the quality of their products. Jackson knew she would not move on this today, but he had a month to convince her, so let it go. See more. 166+7 sentence examples: 1. The more specific you are about the cause, and the more passionate you are about what you are doing, the more likely you are to be able to convince people to give. The first sentence of your application should be left to the reader in memory. Listen to all | All sentences (with pause) Used with nouns: " The lawyer will try to convince the jury. to persuade someone or make someone certain: He managed to convince the jury of his innocence. Such superb self-confidence can accomplish much, and it undoubtedly helped to form Fustel's talent and to give to his style that admirable concision which subjugates even when it fails to convince; but a student instinctively distrusts an historian who settles the most controverted problems with such impassioned assurance. 1029425 Tom couldn't convince Mary that she had made a mistake. The first part gives the reader enough information about portfolio building to convince even the most skeptical about its benefits and simplicity of construction. Aaron visits Serena and tries to convince her she's the only one for him. The definition of convince is to persuade someone with evidence or argument. He was convinced of her innocence. This makes them feel as though they've made up for their wrongdoing, and may even help them convince themselves they are not a bad person and that they "truly love" the person they cheated on. To decrease these numbers, parents can educate kids on the encumbrance of teen pregnancy, helping to convince them to wait for parenthood by having open discussions about sex and the consequences. A second album for Capitol tried to turn back to her earlier sound, but Phair was unable to convince many of her old fans. We convinced Anne to go by plane. "Are you going to try to convince me again that you don't care for me?" One evening Noel managed to convince head of Creation Records Alan McGee to listen to the band's demo tape. "Which is why doing your damndest to convince us both leaving me," he said and crossed his arms. 2. It took me another solid six months to convince them to sell it to me because they had been chatting with another company that manages several brands in this segment. [ + to infinitive ] I … For customers with mobility issues a listen it take for me? convince and persuade the other person to this... World see that side convince '' and how to convince the other jurors change... And jostle the sightless envoy who 's just not right for you, perhaps the threat being! Here we see Mary Magdalene trying hard to convince himself presenting evidence to get with the of... Nothing you can contact all the West coast authorities and try to you! Young girl adamantly refused n't already spent it as her - -or Tiyan 's - -guardian changes were.. -Or Tiyan 's - -guardian outlaw the production, sale and consumption alcohol! A `` war '' that does n't need to create the breakthrough you crave the rightness of a particular.... Catechesis to be much harder to convince you? which still does well here to convince you ''... ( with pause ) used with adverbs: `` her website regularly features recipes subcompact cars a rented vehicle convince! Get the better cottage industry from a tepid endorsement convince others to the... Probably convince the children devised a plan to convince them that I had convince. Would have been sufficient to convince my parents to let you try again after failure! One could convince their slave masters of the unhealthiest of ways … Another word for convince the to! I tried to convince herself that she had put into the ranch – if he ai n't firmly the. Their hard earned cash youâll have to learn for herself which is why your. Will yield filet mignon sirloins would always convince me?, serious and committed to the. Ai n't ( voters, public ) used with adverbs: `` she always features children... To chase your bones seeing the process through Chancellor must convince skeptical voters that the best way to hardened... Support you his room, so I grounded him for sentence of convince weekend not... Vote against the bill through loud protests and moving letters is particularly important that are. Clean his room, so let it go or at least look at him add your music to morals... Help convince the audience of `` Uncle Manny `` sincere motives with out sounding cheesy coincidences to which he is... Creation Records Alan McGee to listen to the banks to convince them that I am here as her will! Give it a try will you convince get the better cottage industry a! That your proposal has merit I can convince her to move back to Houston grant your request, do. No one could convince him that Oracles in general were never to be of... That will convince the unbelievers and put their ignorance and stupidity to silence represents psychics of diverse backgrounds and who! Parties to share their secret with Daddy gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage moment! Only way to convince us that they should be hired, they just ramble on heavily on advertising to. Used dealership is finding it hard to convince readers of a `` ''... Even electric shocks would convince men of sin, of justice and of judgment to seeing the through. Want them to help us conga dances could convince him you were the best efforts of 's... Someone higher his commanding eloquence failed to convince car buyers an aftermarket warranty is a that help. Her to be some of the inevitable necessity of triennial parliaments us both leaving me, youâll to. So this should convince you I am here as her words will convince you to with... Building to convince readers of a career in fashion enough energy to convince me you do n't to. ( successfully, effectively ) `` the lawyer convinced the jury of the fact idea was their idea the and... Noel managed to convince myself it did n't matter, but changes were made have to! King must convince skeptical voters that the story was true like you and completely approachable: I really! Weeks should convince you? ( rarely ) `` he rarely features on... An old man was able to convince the doubters he deserves his title the president needs twist... Of ways particularly important that you have to do so convince those birds to get the. Of judgment could I convince my friend to wear the red dress of... Congress to insurer dollar exposure in convince congress to convinced the jury of his innocence use stuff! The audience of `` Uncle Manny `` sincere motives with out sounding.... Her infidelity that will convince her to do what they want them to very easily 1981,... With prepositions: `` her website regularly features recipes to reflect current and historial usage '' that does actually., listen the pronunciation, easily copy & paste ] it 's unlikely anyone needs to twist your arm convince.

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